Interested in helping with research? We're looking for volunteers!
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We are always looking for people who might be interested in volunteering to take part in our research. Some of our research involves people visiting us at Heriot-Watt University - you can read about some of this work here.

Heriot-Watt University has excellent transport links and is serviced by numerous bus routes and has free parking on-site. Transportation via taxi can also be arranged if needed. Our studies usually don't last any longer than 1-2 hours and your transport costs (e.g. taxi) will be covered. 

We are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds, so if you would like to volunteer, or would like further information, please email us at

You can also help by completing simple questionnaires online (see below for current online studies). 

Current online studies:
You can contribute to an ongoing collaborative study investigating visual imagery and aphantasia (a lack of visual imagery), you can do so here and here by completing some simple questionnaires. These questionnaires can be completed in a few minutes. 

Location of Heriot-Watt University:


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