Alzheimer's Society Undergraduate Bursary Research Assistant

I am a 3rd year Psychology student at Heriot-Watt University. I pride myself on maintaining an academic record of high success, displayed by my ‘Outstanding Merit’ award in 2016, and I am predicted to achieve a 1st class degree. I intend to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the future, and wish to continue with a career in the research, treatment and diagnosis of brain diseases and disorders.

My primary research interests surround mental health and dementia. This is influenced greatly by my ongoing work as a Care Assistant, in which I have directly witnessed the impact of dementia upon people living with dementia and their families. This has reinforced my desire to contribute to dementia research and actively contribute to the ongoing conversation on the topic.

I was awarded an Alzheimer’s Societ Undergraduate bursary award to work as a Research Assistant in the Memory Lab during Summer 2018. In this research project, I am utilising mobile EEG methodology to study memory consolidation in healthy younger adults, which will contribute toward a larger body of work investigating how the processing of new memories changes as we grow older and in Alzheimer's disease. Specifically, my project aims to examine how general neural correlates of consolidation are affected by different behavioural conditions in the minutes that follow new learning. This work could yield important implications for our understanding of memory in younger populations, and for the development of new mobile diagnostic methods for Alzheimer’s Disease.