Volunteer Research Assistant

I am currently starting my 3rd year at Heriot-Watt University studying BSc Psychology. I am interested in the investigation of brain-related disorders and diseases and especially the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. I am pusuing a career in this field. Following my BSc Psychology degree, I hope to study for a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Away from my studies at Heriot-Watt Univeristy, I work with autistic teenagers and volunteer at the St Columba Hospice in Edinburgh, UK.

In my Volunteer Research Assistant role in the Heriot-Watt Memory Lab, I am working on a project examining the neural basis of wakeful memory consolidation during different behavioural states. Specifically, this research project is examining whether different memory-related neural signatures can be detected during post-encoding wakeful rest and ongoing sensory input. To do this, I am using high-density EEG methods combined with sensitive memory tests. This study in younger adults is complemented by other work in the Memory Lab, which is being conducted in healthy older adults and people with memory impairments. The outcomes of this work could have significant benefits for our understanding of memory in human health and disease, but also the development of new diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions. In addition, my research role is providing me with a unique experience that will of great benefit to my future career as a Clinical Psychologist.